About Us

“In 2001, I was in the wine business, all in! My husband, John and I owned a winery, and I created unique events to promote and market our wines. I also helped over 900 other wineries to market their wines through my events, The Cabernet Shootout, The Pinot Noir Summit, and Wine Boot Camp®.” 

“We had an email list of 78,000 enthusiastic buyers with a 65% open rate.”

“We could sell anything and everything.”

“And then……

...two planes flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Everything changed.  Our enthusiastic buyers lost or changed jobs. Their business emails were no longer valid. We had to find a better way to reach our past clients and find new ones.

We had to build a strong, authentic brand and be a recognized expert in our niche.

Press releases got some attention, but not enough. We needed more visibility. With persistence, creativity, and our secret sauce, we developed strong connections with key movers and shakers in the media.


In just three years, we were filmed 29 times for television, featured in top publications, invited to speak at numerous events, and interviewed on radio, television, and podcasts.

Friends, acquaintances, and strangers constantly asked how we achieved celebrity in our niche.


Visibility 360 creates and nurtures brands for professionals to establish their authority, influence, and expertise.”We created a system that put us in front of our audience, so we were able to capitalize on tons of opportunities.Whether you run a small Mom n’ Pop store or a multi-million-dollar corporation, the business that wins is the one with the strongest brand.— the most visibility — in the niche and/or area. I know how to do this, and I help other professionals stand out for the experts they are.