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Dr. Kana B
"Barbara Drady and Visibility 360 changed my life..."
"I was drowning before Barbara walked into my life, to be absolutely transparent, she walked into my office as a patient. I was barely able to pay my bills to keep my doors open. I didn’t have new clients coming into my practice…no referrals from colleagues, things were not good at home, I didn’t know what to do. I hated to think about it but I even considered closing my practice. I owed everybody! I was afraid to answer the phone lest it be a bill collector. Barbara Drady and Visibility 360 changed my life. I am now the preeminent expert in my field. My phones are ringing off the hook with patients who are clamoring for appointments. I’ve raise my fees too. I hired another Physio to handle the many new patients in my Chelsea office and I’ve opened another office in Kensington.
Dr. Kana B
London Physiotherapist
Dr Selena C
"I’m now recognized as a preeminent expert in Chicago..."
"Just a little over a year ago, things in my life were not good. My independent Chicago dental practice was in real trouble. I was spending too much on just keeping the doors open. I considered closing my practice and going back to work for a corporate practice. I hated that thought, I loved being independent and being the boss. I had to grow my practice to the next level or throw in the towel. Luckily, a friend told me about Visibility 360 and Authority Marketing. I’m now recognized as a preeminent expert in cosmetic dentistry in Chicago. My phones are ringing off the hook. I hired a young associate and another hygienist to handle my many new patients. Even with the extra staff, I’m earning more than I’ve ever earned before."
Dr. Selena C.
Chicago Cosmetic Dentist
Serena S
" business went from struggling to fabulously successful..."
"Visibility 360 is the real deal by Barbara Drady, you're the most soft spoken and very kind woman. Thanks to Advanced Authority Marketing my business went from struggling to fabulously successful. I am Serena, an independent CPA in the Chicago area. The entire process of marketing for my practice is interwoven with a busy schedule of paying my different bills monthly, preparing for meetings with clients here and there, most importantly my tax preparation, Estate/Trust Planning, and all the rest of the 100's of little things that come with having a thriving and profitable practice. Thanks to the program by Barbara, the Visibility 360, all I can say is AWESOME, FABOLOUS program made for me as a working mother of three, no stress and no worries since I got into the program."
Serena S.
Independent CPA, CHICAGO

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"Learning from Barbara and applying the Visibility 360 authority accelerator method to my business has made a massive difference." - Ms. Ana D.

"Once I was recognized as an expert…all my business problems disappeared! Advanced authority marketing boosted my visibility quotient, and my practice has grown like crazy. Thank you, Barbara and Visibility 360." - David D. III

"Thanks to the Visibility 360 team, I’m sleeping like a baby again. The massive visibility that I get from my bi-monthly Authority Accelerator Campaigns is nothing short of magic…new patients, raised my fees, and constant requests for interviews. I am perfectly positioned to sell my practice for a very high multiple." - Dr. Connor S.